“The telephone rings. It jingles our psyches and jangles our nerves. We are seduced and soothed, rattled and betrayed by it. Wherever it is – on the desk or street corner, the high seas or highway, in our bathrooms or briefcases – it has, for a machine, an allure like no other”

~ Ellen Stern, “Once Upon a Telephone: An Illustrated Social History” ~


At Contact Bar & Kitchen, we tip our hats to Alexander Graham-Bell for his invention of the first practical telephone in 1876. We celebrate the way in which this humble device has changed the world and connected people and ideas in a way never before possible. But, in today’s modern age, we also allude to the irony that the telephone is now making us less social creatures. Hence, we created Contact – a charming space for family and friends to make contact; connect, share ideas and experiences, all whilst enjoying fresh, delicious food around the table. 


At Contact, we encourage you to do just that – switch off and make contact. We put the “social” back into “social gathering”. Leave your phone in the locker behind the bar, enjoy the Contact experience and engage with the people around you. 

All of our dishes are made with the highest quality produce and everyone around the table will experience only the freshest ingredients. We make it our mission to not only connect you with each other, but also with the natural produce we curate into exciting dishes to tantalise your palate. For those looking for a more interactive gastronomic experience, we regularly host culinary and cocktail classes as well as tastings and master classes, covering everything from truffle to whisky. We are also available for private events – both sit down and cocktail. At Contact, our team is passionate about making your experience truly memorable and we want to build a community of people with a genuine understanding and appreciation of quality cuisine. 


Sydney’s best-kept secret, European- inspired Contact is tucked away on Crown St in Woolloomooloo just around the corner from trendy Stanley St. We are close enough to the CBD to be a nice and central location, but far enough to be away from the bustle of city life. For the early risers, we offer a wholesome breakfast menu, complemented by freshly pressed juices, smoothies, quality Italian coffee or even a savoury Bloody Mary. For lunch and dinner, we offer a varied menu, including Specials for lunch, perfect for the corporate, leisurely or family meal. So, whether it’s coffee on the go, a quick bite for lunch, a cheeky after-work beverage, or dinner and drinks with friends – you can count on Contact for something with a bit more gusto.