Sydney rock oysters

natural – 4

blood plum, eshallots and thyme dressing – 4.5

Artisan bread selection

served with cultured butter or premium EV olive oil – 11


artichokes, semi dried tomatoes, olives, buffalo mozzarella, balsamic – 18

Pea, spinach and white pepper soup

pea, spinach, white pepper, herb croutons, goat’s cheese – 16

Potato and leek soup

potato, leek, thyme, barley, almond, olive oil – 16

Pork and veal meatballs

napoletana sauce, chilli, roasted garlic – 19

Crumbed swiss brown mushrooms

tomato, basil, parsley, shaved parmesan – 19


tomato, speck, basil, blue cheese, dried mountain flowers – 21

Cured meat and cheese

see daily menu market prices


Squid ink Spaghetti

sea mullet, salmon, mussels, clams, octopus, bonito furikake cherry tomatoes – 33

Truffle Coxetti

forest mushrooms, roma tomato, brie, garlic, white wine, truffle oil – 28


Rocket pesto, semi-dried tomato, zucchini, macadamia herb crumb mascarpone – 26


Lamb Rumb

Dukkah, sweet potato, cauliflower, goat cheese, golden beetroot, baby onion, jus – 34

Poached Yellowtail Kingfish

broccoli, soy, perl cous nous, ginger, viola – 36

Wagyu Brisket burger

brioche bun, Wagyu Brisket, aioli, cayenne pepper, portobello mushroom, iceberg, sweet potato fries – 25

Black Angus sirloin

portobello mushrooms, thyme, pumpkin-potato, horseradish, rosemary, black mustard seeds – 35


Roast broccoli – 9 (+add goat’s cheese $3)

French fries – 7  

Truffle & parmesan cheese fries – 9

Thyme mushrooms – 8


Traditional Italian Tiramisu – 15

Pannacotta (V) (GF)

Vanilla of Madagascar, burnt white chocolate – 14

Chocolate brownie

salted caramel, pistachio – 13

Cheese Selection

Juncu Pecorino – Italy – Sheep’s milk  $ 9.8

Briscola (unpastorised) – Italy – Cow’s milk $ 11.6

Vento d’estate – Italy – Cow’s milk $ 10.3

Engelberg  – Swiss – Cow’s milk $ 11.4

Ubriaco di prosecco – Italy – Cow’s milk$ 12.5

Bastardo del Grappa – Italy – Cow’s milk $ 9.9

Appenzeller (unpastorised) – Swiss – Cow’s milk $ 10.8

Hornbacher 12 months – Swiss – Cow’s milk $ 13.10 

Latteria Valsassina – Italy – Cow’s milk $ 8.9

Roy de Vallee – France – Goat’s and Sheep’s milk $ 11.9

Brie aux Truffes – France – Cow’s milk $ 18.8

Delice de Bourgogne – France – Cow’s milk $ 14.8

Taleggio – Italy – Cow’s milk $ 10.5

Affidelice aux Chablis – France – Cow’s milk $ 13.7

Blu di Capra- Italy – Goat’s milk  $ 11.7

Fourme d’Ambert – France –  Cow’s milk $ 13.4

Cured meats 

Duck Salami$11.7

Felino Chilli Salami$7.5

Speck (Italian cured and air dried pork leg) $14.5

Kangaroo Salami$10.9

Beef & Horseradish Salami$8.8

Wagyu Bresaola$13.4

Salame di Norcia$9.9

Venison Salami$10.4

Capocollo $9.2

Wild Boar Salami$9.5

N’duja (spicy 30g served)$7.3

All cheeses (50g) and meats (40g) a premium product with
limited quantities available and  served with pane carasau 

Cheese condiments (aprox. 30g) 

Wildberry Jam$2.5

Quince Jam$2.5

Fig & Ginger Jam$2.5

Brandied Apricot & Almond Jam$2.5

Plum & Port Jam$2.5

Cured meats condiments (aprox. 30g) 

Horseradish relish$2.5



tomato, speck, basil, blue cheese         10

Pork & Veal Meatballs

Napolitana sauce, roasted garlic         10


Fresh homemade potato gnocchi

Napolitana         18
Braised Beef Ragu         20
Basil Pesto         20

Wagyu Beef Bruger

Brioche Bun, wagyu beef patty, aioli, portobello mushroom, iceberg, sweet potato fries         25

Grilled lemon Chicken

caponata, sautéed Kipfler potatoes        20

Black Angus Rump Steak

Pumpkin, potato, portobello mushroom          24

Grilled barramundi

broccoli, cherry tomatoes     18

Lasagne – $15

Pesto Lasagne

basil pesto, roasted pine nuts, pecorino cheese, béchamel

Truffle, Mushroom & Salsiccia Lasagna

pork sausage, portobello mushrooms, truffle oil, béchamel

Prawns, Zucchini & Pistacchio Lasagna

prawns, zucchini, pistacchio, béchamel

Beef Ragu Lasagna

Braised beef ragu, tomato, parmesan cheese, béchamel

Parmigiana Lasagna

eggplant, mozzarella, tomato, parmesan cheese

All our prices are already discounted
for Take Aways

Set menu “Silver”  $50pp

Choice of 3 from “Entrees”, served sharing

Choice of 3 from “ Mains”,  served sharing

enough for everyone.

Set menu “Gold”  $65pp

Choice of 3 from “Entrees”, served sharing

Choice of 3 from “ Mains”,  served sharing

Choice of 3 from “Dessert”, served sharing

enough for everyone.

Set menu “Platinum”  $85pp

Choice of 4 from “Entrees”, served sharing

Choice of 4 from “ Mains”,  served sharing

Choice of 4from “Dessert”, served sharing

enough for everyone.



We cater for dietary requirement if known at least 24h prior day of booking.

Please be advised that all set menu’s are only available for groups of 7 or more. Pre order is required.

(Cured meat and cheese are not included in the set menu)

Our chef is working to revive our Secret Degustation
and he can’t wait to delight you with some new tasty dishes.
In the meantime the secret tasting will not be available at our restaurant.
Contact Bar & Kitchen Team


Oysters (natural, rice wine vin, smoked ayruga caviar and champagne) – GF, LF

Grilled octopus, potato, black olives – GF, LF

Coconut Lime crumbed prawns with herb aioli – LF

Tuna tartare bites – LF



Caprese – GF

Roasted beetroot, goat’s cheese and walnuts

Sweet gorgonzola, red onion jam, bread crisp

Carrot mousse, pepitas 

Mushroom and truffle mousse



Beef tartare, mustard seeds, capers – LF

Vitello tonnato – LF, GF

Chicken wing lollipop – GF, LF

Crispy pork belly bites (shiso salsa, salted caramel) – GF

Duck breast, orange jelly – LF 



Crispy tofu, creamy jalapeño

Roasted cauliflower, jalapeño salsa – GF



Nutella mousse bites

Salted caramel bites

Mini pavlova bites – GF

Passionfruit candy – GF, LF